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Technical Details

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Liquid Nitrogen Tridem

Designed and built in Canada to withstand the harsh local environment.

With an operating pressure rating of 70 psi and 3” discharge piping it does not require a pump. 

 The high capacity pressure building coil makes unloading quick and easy. It also produces vast amounts of vapor for cooling down other vessels and for direct purging jobs. 

 The units have two NI 250 hose connections. A top and bottom fill and a liquid withdrawal make it possible to fill and discharge simultaneously without having to stop production.

 At 9500 gallons, this vessel could be used as a portable on site storage unit.

 With multiple users in mind the 5th wheel plate is movable and can accommodate tandem or tridrive tractors.  

About Us

Alberta N2 is a privately owned & leased company based in Calgary, Alberta.
Our trailers were designed and built in Canada with rugged oilfield operations in mind.
At Alberta N2 we take pride in knowing that our customers will get the best service possible.

Technical Details

Specifications                         TC341
Full capacity                            9530 USWG
95%                                          23100 SCM or 815,768 cubic feet gas
Working pressure                  70 P.S.I.
Hose connections                  NI 250  (2)
Suspension                             Hendrickson Intrax Air ride
Brakes                                      Disc brakes with ABS
Total dry weight                      24,330 pounds
Total length                             45 feet


Simple and easy to operate piping.
70 psi unit enables high volume and low pressure purging without auxiliary pumping.
Hose tube terminates inside cabinet so your valuable hose can be securely locked.
Built to Canadian code B620 '09 edition for the transport of dangerous goods.
Meets all Canadian and US safety standards.